Electrically Hi-Heated Face Masks

  • Sterviral High Efficiency Disposable surgical filter refill 10-pack
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Sterviral ITHAS Electrically Heated Face Masks

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electrical face mask

Now, we are taking pre-orders for our patent-pending Sterviral(TM) Electrically Heated Face Masks. The order fulfilling time will be ranging from 1 week to 5 weeks. You can track your order fulfilling status real-timely in your account management. We understand the time is a little long, however, you get a 40% price knock-down and to be one of the first people in the world to be powerful against the pandemic. Additionally, you can already rest assured because of a generous 40 days return, refund, and exchange warranty.

Costs Comparison for Two Years of Protection (Is ITHAS mask too expensive?)

Disposable MaskCloth MaskSterviral ITHAS
Total cost in dollars for different solutions over two years, while Sterviral has much stronger protection

The details are as the following:
· Using disposable face masks, one per day, then in two whole years, you need 365x2 = 730 masks. If you spend $0.2 in buying each mask, your total cost will be $146 for two years; and all the masks are going to pollute our earth.
· Using regular reusable cloth face masks, replace one filter and one reusable cloth mask per day, you only need to buy 7 cloth masks; you wash all 7 replaced masks at weekend, and if the cloth mask can survive 50 washes, then in two whole years, you are going to need 730/7/50*7=15 cloth face masks and 730 pieces of filter. If you spend $25 in buying each mask and $0.05 for each filter, your total cost is $412 for two years.
· Using our ITHAS electrically heated face masks, you change one face cover every day, wash the entire mask every 3 weeks, and if the ITHAS mask can survive 50 washes, then in two whole years, only 52*2/3/50=1 one ITHAS face mask is needed. Your total cost is just $135 for two years.

Conclusion: SterviralTM Mask is the cheapest solution at the cost level similar to disposable face masks but with stronger protection!